Welcome to the homepage of the Department of Tax Law at Vienna Law School. The Department focuses on national and international taxation from a legal perspective. The Department is headed by three professors who all are specialized in different fields. The profound and broad expertise ensures a holistic a cutting-edge research output in the form of mid-term and long-term research.  The Department offers positions for junior researchers, PhD candidates and post-docs and welcomes visitors from all over the world for short- or long-term research periods. It hosts international and domestic conferences, workshops, seminars and guest lecture series.

The group of doctoral students includes researchers  who are employed by the University of Vienna (prae-docs) and researchers who are financed by third parties. All of them primarily focus on their PhD thesis and are supervised by one of the professors at the  Department. The junior researchers are in the middle of their legal training and work part-time at the institute. They support the  Department  in organizational and administrative matters. The group of post-docs (Habilitanden) currently consists of two researchers who have decided to build an academic career.

The Department of Tax Law is also a teaching institution as it is part of the Law Faculty of the University of Vienna. The Department trains its students in domestic, international, and European tax law. There are different teaching formats. The introduction to Austrian tax law is thought in the traditional class lecturing mode compared with tutoring elements allowing students to directly apply the law to real-life scenarios. Whereas special issues in the field of international and European tax law are subject of seminars. These seminars introduce young lawyers not only to the world of European and international taxation but also train them in the precise use of the legal language and familiarise them with legal writing.